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 Please see the [[curvature_maps_knald_1.1|Curvature Map]] page for more information. Please see the [[curvature_maps_knald_1.1|Curvature Map]] page for more information.
 +===== Material ID =====
 +[{{https://​​​docuwiki/​material_id_baker.png?​nolink|Material ID Settings}}]
 +Material ID maps are textures that are generated via Knald'​s [[the_baker_knald|baker]] & contain RGB information based upon the number of imported High Poly mesh parts, with each mesh being assigned a unique color. They are extremely useful for texturing purposes; allowing the user to create selection masks based upon different materials on a mesh.
 +Please see the [[material_id_maps_knald_1.1|Material ID Map]] page for more information.
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