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Color To Normals

Color To Normals is a separate and independent mode to the main working mode found within Knald. It allows you to create Normal maps from a Height map or photograph, via our robust I/O pipeline, with full 8, 16 and 32bit (integer and float) support, which can then be converted into accurate Height, Derivative, Ambient Occlusion, Concavity and Convexity maps by updating the generated Normal map to The Integrator, which is the main working mode within Knald.

Once updated, The Integrator will analyse the Normal map and automatically convert it into said maps simultaneously, at which point you are free to export them or go back into the Color To Normals mode to continue tweaking the sliders until you are ready to update them back The Integrator.

To switch between The Integrator and Colour To Normals modes simply move a slider in the Color To Normals group. Once this is done, Knald will automatically change to the correct mode to allow you to make any changes you feel necessary.

In the Export tab, you will find a check box labelled Export Normal/Derivative from Color To Normals, which allows you to choose whether you would rather export the Normal/Derivative maps in their pre or post integrated states.

This allows you to then tweak the settings to generate the desired result – all instantly viewable, non-destructive & adjustable in real-time prior to integration for near instant gratification.

Color To Normals Settings

The Color To Normals Group's Settings

Intensity: The strength of the Normal/Derivative map, irrespective of the Bump Scale slider found in the General group.

Invert: Inverts the source texture..

Extra Fine: The strength of the extra fine details.

Fine: The strength of the fine details.

Medium: The strength of the medium details.

Large: The strength of the large details.

Extra Large: The strength of the extra large details.

Update Integrator: Update the current Color To Normals settings to The Integrator.

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