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- Concavity Maps ====== 
 +Our stunning Concavity maps within Knald can be generated either on the fly from the Normal & Height Maps provided by [[the_integrator_knald_1.1|The Integrator]],​ or from high to low polygonal meshes via [[the_baker_knald_1.1|The Baker]] & can be tailored quickly and efficiently to suit your specific needs. Optimized to be used immediately after export, adjust the results to your liking in Knald & you are ready to go! 
 +[{{https://​​​docuwiki/​concavity_knald.jpg?​|Concavity((Art courtesy of Jordan Cain}}] 
 +[{{https://​​docuwiki/concavity_knald_beta.png?nolink|Image Space Baker Concavity Settings}}] 
 +===== The Concavity Group'​s Settings ===== 
 +**Blur Amount:** The amount of blur used on the image space Concavity Map. 1 is low blur, 5 is high blur. 
 +**Stabilization:​** The amount of image stabilization used on the image space Concavity Map. 
 +**Contrast:​** The strength of the contrast. 
 +**Scale:** The strength of the cavities. 
 +[{{https://​​​docuwiki/​sci_fi_cavity.jpg?​nolink&​512|Concavity Map}}]
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