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 ====== Convexity Maps ====== ====== Convexity Maps ======
 +Our stunning Concavity & Convexity maps can be tailored quickly and efficiently to suit your specific needs. Gone are the days of waiting for bakes to finish and then adjusting the results in an image editing application to make them usable. Optimized to be used immediately after export, adjust the results to your liking in Knald & and multiply or screen them when texturing! ​
 +[{{https://​​​docuwiki/​convexity_knald.png?​nolink|Convexity Settings}}]
 +===== The Convexity Group'​s Settings =====
 +**Blur Size:** The amount of blur used on the Cavity Map. 1 is low blur, 5 is high blur.
 +**Stabilization:​** The amount of image stabilization used on the Convexity Map.
 +**Contrast:​** The strength of the cavities, irrespective of the Global Intensity slider. ​
 +[{{https://​​​docuwiki/​sci_fi_convexity.jpg?​nolink&​512|Convexity Map}}]
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