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-====== Derivative Maps ====== 
-[{{https://​​​docuwiki/​sci_fi_derivative.jpg?​nolink&​512|Derivative Map}}] 
-The Derivative maps within Knald are generated one the fly from the [[height_maps_knald|Height maps]] provided by [[the_integrator_knald|The Integrator]]. They are adjustable in real time in terms of intensity via the [[the_main_tab_knald#​general|Bump Scale]] slider in the [[the_main_tab_knald|Main Tab]]. 
-===== What are Derivative Maps? ===== 
-Derivative Maps are a recent method of bump mapping that does not use tangent spaces. This has numerous advantages over traditional normal map based workflows((http://​​2011/​07/​derivative-maps.html))((http://​​2011/​11/​derivative-maps-in-xnormal.html)). 
-These are as follows: 
-  * Reduces foot-print 
-  * Is much better suited for synthesized surfaces/​tessellation 
-  * Does not distinguish between regular geometry and tessellation. 
-  * Works with per pixel generated texture coordinates such as [[http://​​icastano/​cascades-demo-secrets|Tri-Planar Texturing]]. 
-  * No issues regarding multiple standards for implementation of tangent space generation. 
-  * Mirroring trivially works. 
-  * No need to recalculate tangent spaces on meshes with complex geometric deformations. 
-  * Better visually during texture magnification. 
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