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 ====== Height Maps ====== ====== Height Maps ======
 +[{{https://​​​docuwiki/​rubble_tile_height.jpg?​nolink&​512|Height Map}}]
 +All calculations & processing within Knald are performed in double/​single precision floating point (float64/​float32). We have painstakingly ensured that with our robust I/O pipeline, with full 8, 16 and 32bit (integer and float) support, you will never suffer from precision drop due to lazy or poor coding and can focus on creating great art!
 +You can preview your Heightmaps displaced on a primitive mesh, in real-time, with our 3D preview’s fast, efficient and scalable tessellation. There is no more need to go through complex workflows to get a Heightmap into your engine only to find that it doesn’t look the way you hoped.
 +You can be sure that your textures are in good hands with Knald! ​
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