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The Info Tab

The info tab contains information about the currently loaded, unprocessed image and currently available OpenGL devices.

Image Information

Image Information

Channels: This shows the individual channels present within the currently loaded image as thumbnails. Each thumbnail image is highlighted with a coloured outline to signify to which channel it represents The channels are shown in the following order. Red, Green, Blue and Alpha.

If no information is found for any given channel, it will be represented by a cross thats value matches the colour of the given channel that has no information present as seen below.

Channel Information

Channel Information

Unique Value Counts: This shows the amount of unique values present within each individual channel.

Minimum Value: This shows the minimum unique value present within each individual channel.

Maximum Value: This shows the maximum unique value present within each individual channel.

Image Name: The full name of the image.

Image Type: Displays whether the image is RGB, RGBA, Grayscale or Palletized.

Height: The vertical length of the texture.

Width: The horizontal length of the texture.

Bit Depth: The bit depth of the currently loaded image.

File Format: The texture format of the currently loaded image.

File Size: The file size of the currently loaded image in kilobytes.

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