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-{{ https://​​​docuwiki/​Lys_beta.jpg |}} +====== Lys Beta ======
-====== ​Welcome To Lys Beta ======+
-Welcome to the Lys beta documentation. 
-Lys is a standalone application which is developed ​by [[https://​​|Knald Technologies,​ LLC]].+In the following documentation you will find information relevant to current Alpha and Beta releases. 
 +These documents are subject to change and will evolve as each release ​is developed.
-It can be used for generating [[radiance_lys|Radiance]],​ [[irradiance_lys|Irradiance]] and [[specular_lys|Specular]] cube maps from various source images.+**At the current time there is no public Lys Beta release.**
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