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Installing Lys

System Requirements & GPU Drivers

  • Ensure that your PC meets the system requirements set out for Lys.
  • Ensure that your GPU is running the latest WHQL drivers available from your vendor1)

Downloading the latest Lys installer

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Hit the blue 'View Downloads & Details' button next to your purchase
  3. Hit the blue 'Download Product' button next to your purchase
  4. Make a note of your key which is listed on the page under the 'License Keys:' heading.

Run the Installer package

  1. Run the installer package
  2. Read through the EULA and click 'I Agree' to proceed with the installation.
    • If you do not agree to the terms of the EULA you cannot proceed with the installation of Lys.
  3. Ensure that Lys is checked under the 'Selected components to install' and hit 'Next'
  4. Choose an install path that you wish Lys to be installed under and hit 'Next'. The default install path is 'C:\Program Files\Knald Technologies\Lys'
  5. Hit 'Finish' to complete the installation.
  6. Run Lys and enter your product key when prompted.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

If you are having problems running Lys, please read through the FAQ & Troubleshooting page for assistance.

1) You can get the latest Nvidia drivers here and the latest AMD/ATI drivers here.
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