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The Export Tab

To access the export settings, click the Export Tab in the GUI. From here you can set up the way Knald exports the created map and change the settings to suit your specific needs.

The Export Tab

The Export Tabs Settings


Global Export: Changing these settings will cause the selected file type or bit depth to propagate across to all map types, overwriting their default values.

File Format Dropdown: The file format to which the selected map will save.

You can save as the following file types:

  • (*.exr) - OpenEXR
  • (*.png) - Portable Network Graphics
  • (*.tga) - Truevision Targa
  • (*.tiff) (*.tif) - Tagged Image File Format
  • (*.dds) - DirectDraw Surface
    • BC6H
    • BC7
    • 11_11_10F
    • 8_8_8_8
    • 16_16_16_16
    • 16_16_16_16F
    • 32_32_32_32
    • 32_32_32_32F

Bit depth Dropdown: The bit depth to which the selected map will save.

You can save at the following bit depths:

  • (*.exr) - OpenEXR
    • 32bit Integer & 16/32bit float.
  • (*.png) - Portable Network Graphics
    • 8/16bit Integer.
  • (*.tga) - Truevision Targa
    • 8bit Integer.
  • (*.tiff) (*.tif) - Tagged Image File Format
    • 8/16bit Integer & 16/32bit float.

Export Knald Settings as .ksf: This checkbox allows you to automatically save a .ksf containing the current user settings at the time of export. You can also save a .ksf manually via the Edit menu.

Export Normal/Derivative from Color To Normals/Baker: This check box allows you to choose if you would rather export the Normal/Derivative maps in their pre or post integrated states.

File Path: The file path to which the selected maps will save. By default the images will save to the Exports folder in the Knald install directory.

Post Export Actions

Post Export Actions

Post Export Actions are a very powerful post export feature set that allow actions to be executed immediately after exporting your textures.

Please see the Post Export Actions page for more information.

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