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Clear Sky

Clear Sky enables you to procedurally create physically based skies within Lys.

With full real-time control over camera altitude, Azimuth angle, Zenith angle and luminance within Clear Sky you can generate realistic vistas with a very small amount of time and effort.

The Clear Sky Interface

Main Tab

Clear Sky

W: The desired width of the Clear Sky image which is to be generated.

Chain Icon: Here you can constrain the width & height of the Clear Sky image together. Unchecking will unlink the values & allow independent values to be used.

H: The desired height of the Clear Sky image which is to be generated.

Generate: This button will generate a Clear Sky image, as per the width and height settings.

Clear Sky Group

Clear Sky Settings

Camera Altitude: - The altitude of the camera in the world in meters

Azimuth Angle: - The solar azimuth angle of the sun measured via a spherical coordinate system. North is 0/360°, East is 90°, South is 180° and west is 270°.

Zenith Angle: - The altitude of the sun based on the angle between the horizon and the centre of the Sun's disc.

Sky Type: - Here you can choose if the atmosphere is cloudy or partially cloudy.

  • Default - Default has a cloudy atmosphere
  • Partially Cloudy - Partially Cloudy has a partially cloudy atmosphere.

Luminance: -

Disable Sun: - Disables rendering of the Sun’s disc. The does not affect the general ambient lighting of the scene.

Disable Ground: - Disables rendering of the ground.

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