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Height Maps

The Height maps within Knald are generated quickly and efficiently from Normal Maps provided by The Integrator, via photographs from our Color To Normals functionality and our world class baker.

Please see the Color To Normals & The Baker pages for more information.

All calculations & processing within Knald are performed in double/single precision floating point (float64/float32). We have painstakingly ensured that with our robust I/O pipeline, with full 8, 16 and 32bit (integer and float) support, you will never suffer from precision drop due to lazy or poor coding and can focus on creating great art!

You can preview your Heightmaps displaced on a primitive mesh, in real-time, with our 3D preview’s fast, efficient and scalable tessellation. There is no more need to go through complex workflows to get a Heightmap into your engine only to find that it doesn’t look the way you hoped.

Height Settings

The Height Group's Settings

Use Median Anti-aliasing This check box is a toggle between Average & Median anti-aliasing & is only available from Height maps generated within The Baker.

  • Average: Results in a smooth blending of values between contiguous elements.
  • Median: Results in a hard edge between values of contiguous elements.
Height Map
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